Star Wars Galaxies: Empire or Rebellion to triumph?

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Oct 20, 2013
2nd September 2011 10:20 AM

Darren Allan


Star Wars Galaxies is set to come to an end this December.

Sony is closing down its MMORPG, which has been active since 2003, due to the upcoming launch of the massively multiplayer Star Wars: The Old Republic.

It’s thought that LucasArts doesn’t want the complication (or indeed competition) of having two licensed Star Wars MMOGs running simultaneously.

But Sony doesn’t intend for the eight year run of SWG to end with a whimper, pitching a final all-out battle between the rebels and imperials to decide who’ll rule the galaxies once and for all.

Starting in September, the galactic civil war ante will be upped, with new events being introduced which players can participate in to earn “civil war points”.

These will go towards the total for the Empire and Rebellion respectively, and the side with the most points on a server come December 15th will be declared the winner as the game shuts down.

Depending on which side triumphs, the final moments on each server will be different. Sony notes: “Celebrations will be in order for those who win and, for the losers, let’s just say they’ll be going out with a bang.”

If you’re a neutral player, you’ll see new decorations in the Storyteller system, and be allowed to host your own shutdown event. But that doesn’t sound half as much fun, so we suggest you pick those splinters out of your bottom and join a side.

Star Wars Galaxies becomes free-to-play for existing players for the last two months, from October 15th onwards. Inactive players who wish to rejoin for the finale and benefit from those freebie months must ensure they re-activate their subscription before September 15th.

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