Frequency of posts generally acceptable in the Critique subforum?


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Sep 25, 2012
Hi all!

I submitted a piece earlier this week to the critique subforum (the 'Godsfall' extract) and after much tearing-up-bits-of-paper, I've rewritten and re-visioned the start of the first chapter.

As the novel currently stands at a solid 40k words, it's important to me that I get the start 'just right', as I've not been able to get my hands on it for awhile (military commitments) and as a re-immersion exercise I'm re-reading what I have so far.

My question is:

Would it be considered rude to repost the new (completely changed) first chapter, or should I wait until next week?

Many thanks,

All friends here, go ahead and post.

That you're worried about it is enough to show that your heart's in the right place. :)
Also the fact that you have changed it in response (at least partly I hope) to the original critiques only shows those original critters that you have taken on board what they had to say. So I don't think anyone will be upset!
Shoving up a few posts for critiques and going away to digest is fine, so having some close together wouldn't bother me. You'll know when you've posted too much in the critiques section, people will stop replying.

Right, I'm off to the critiques section and have me some fun! ;)
Thanks guys - I didn't want to come across as one of those overly-keen-pushing-aggressive types.

...I'll just put the mace away now.

Haha, see you there Bowler!
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Would it be considered rude to repost the new (completely changed) first chapter, or should I wait until next week?
The general rule of thumb I work by (and I'm the one with the pointy sword...) is to leave it at least two days between threads which are consecutive, ie if you want help with two parts of chapter 1 and they don't all fit on one thread because of word count, leave it 2 days before posting part 2. I'd usually advise leaving amendments to a piece for at least the same length of time, so people have a chance to comment on the original before a second version is up there.

As to how often it's possible to post thereafter, a good deal depends on how often, how much, and the amount of reciprocity -- we forgive a lot, but we do get some "takers" and they find the responses dry up very quickly.

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