Translations appearing months before the original


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May 15, 2007
Recently I noticed books by potentially bestselling authors apppearing in the German (+French and Italian) translations months before the English original appeared. To give names, one is "Enders" by Lissa Price -German edition appeared in May- English one is announced for December; another is "Goddess" by Josephine Angelini, German edition in March, the original this month. Somewhere I read hints about the publishers wanting to connect the release with some films-to-be-made. This seems like giving up on the thought of a book selling because it is well-written and entertaining. The translations are nicely done, so the original must have been finished for quite some while.
The quality of a book won't matter if people don't notice it. Getting it released when books/films/events of a similar nature are going on will likely lead to increased sales. The hardest part of getting people to buy a book is letting people know it's out there in the first place.

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