Ancient Greek Dictionaries (with translations)


Jul 29, 2008
Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted here, been pretty busy lately. I have recently begun crafting an alternate history science fiction universe in which Sparta won at Thermopylae, and set up a long-lasting Empire (and then Republic) that would outlive Rome into the 21st century, and, expanding into space, found colonies based on the ancient Greek city-states and poleis.

Obviously in doing so, I would like to keep the naming schemes accurate, and instead of basing everything on latin, it will be based on Greek (ex. the planets are named after their Greek equivalents, not the common Roman).

I want to build a list of ancient Greek words so that I can look through it and combine words into names that will both sound cool and reflect the character's motives. But I can't do this with the limited word compilation I have so far, culled mainly from the novel Gates of Fire and various online sources.

Do any of you know of any places online where there are Ancient Greek words lists where they are written in modern english? Like this:

αισχος (aischos) "shame"

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Seriously, when will people learn to use search functions? ;)

There is a great long list of them if you type 'Ancient Greek Dictionary' into the Amazon search function. I'd put the the link up, but I haven't posted enough yet.

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