Motherless Connection Crackpot Theory


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May 1, 2013
I was reading some thread on here, don't remember which, when the thought "what's up with all the motherless children/adults in aSoIaF?" popped into my head and then I started to actually think about that. And as I started thinking about WHO lost their mother when they were an infant, my list consisted of some of the names bantered about as dragon heads, "winners" of the game, etc., so I thought I'd throw it out there and see what you all thought.
Dany, Jon, Tyrion, "Aegon" all came to mind.

Doesn't it seem odd that ALL of these characters are motherless? Is it a clue? I can picture Stannis striding up to claim his dragon, and someone comes up and says, uh, sorry, but you have to be motherless to ride this ride :)

What say you?
Did you kill your mum whilst popping into the world? Congratulations! Have a dragon!

Dying in childbirth is pretty common in medival-esque settings so I suppose it could be a coincidence, but it is pretty strange that they (Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion - three of the most common usual suspects for being the heads of the dragon. I don't want to count Aegon, I want him to be the mummer's dragon) all basically "killed" their mothers. Never thought about it before.
I'm wondering if it also might link back into Dany, as she is so often referred to as "mother"--mother of dragons, the freed slaves call her mother as well, mysha? I think.
And for the record I don't want to count "Aegon" either, hence the quotes ;)
If say, Stannis (i do so love to pick on Stannis), were also on the list, I wouldn't be so inclined to think there was a message there. But all motherless, all either are or have been strongly suggested to be Targs, and all alive (well, I hope we can all agree that Jon will rise again in some form) and potentially vying for the throne seems like it's more than coincidence.
The scene of Lyanna in the Tower of Joy, and whatever she made Ned promise, is one of the most compelling pieces of circumstantial evidence in favor of Jon being her son. The father is believed by most to be Rhaegar, and that was my prevailing theory until ADWD, when I had to consider the possibility that Lyanna really was raped, and that Jon's father might be the Mad King.

I'm guessing, though we're short on details, that Tyrion's birth was similarly traumatic, given how deeply both Cersei and Tywin resent Tyrion for "killing" his mother. We don't know that Tyrion is definitely the product of one of the Mad King's rape-sprees. But we do know that Aerys was smitten with Joanna.

Elia became more and more fragile after the birth of each of her children. Dany's mother died violently in childbirth in the midst of a storm.

Apparently dragons are tough to bring into the world.
Only death can pay for life. A lesson dany learned when she birthed her own dragons.

You may be on to something here.