(Found) Looking for a Science fiction novel for adults. Victorian England to the far future by means of a physic connection to a future descendant


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Dec 23, 2019
Any help you can provide, greatly appreciated. I don't remember the title, I thought it might be , "The Last Citadel", but now I don't think so...but the story begins in Victorian England where a gentleman somehow forms a physic connection to a future descendant in the far future. The story quickly moves out of Victorian England after a chapter or two.

The story shifts to a future where, at some point, scientists inadvertently had opened a portal to another world. Many strange and terrible animals and things came through. As a result, the world is vastly changed. Humans live in great citadels. Some of the creatures from the other world have the ability to affect human minds, but in the citadels, I think, some type of electrical barrier helps to keep the humans safe from being mind manipulated and misled into opening gates to allow the creatures in. There are farming activities in the citadel and anything needed has to be produced within the confines of the citadel.

The story centers around the last citadel. The main character, in the future, is lamenting the impending loss of another citadel, which is not responding to, I think, radio calls, to that citadel. The main character goes on a journey across a fantastic landscape to see what happened to that citadel, and his had a lady love there. He finds that he is too late to help save that citadel, but he does manage to find his lady and rescue her. They then journey back to his home citadel where that citadel is losing it's fresh water supply, but I don't remember how the story ends. I think I read this paperback novel in the early 1990's.

Once out of the Victorian era, the future description of the earth and what has happened to it is very compelling as a road trip type of story, although he is walking. At one point he travels through a place of relative peace, where it is tropical, and simple humans or something like humans live, but there is a raft and a fight and I believe he is injured for a time. Most of the world he travels through is very desolate with danger everywhere and a foreboding sense of evil, including a strange house.
It does sound like The Night Land. I think that the narrator was a 17th century man recollecting the future , due to the characters dialogue and writing style which archaic and difficult and aggravatingly repetitive. This future time was billions of years in the future, The sun went completely dark, creatures and monsters from other dimensions broke though from other dimensions and reduced the human population tiny fraction confined tot massive sealed redoubt Pyramid cities the Greater redoubt was 7 miles high and the lesser redoubt was 2 miles high. The hero took a journey to the lesser city and found that it had fallen to the creature. There was one survivor a woman who it's later revealed is the reincarnation of his lost love. . There are other details , The worst of the monsters where those twho dwelled in structure called the House of Pain. An absolutely hellish place to be.

This is a book that I never plan to ever read again.
Well I suppose we'll have to wait and see if @BillC replies to the suggestions :)

What's sad is that If William Hope Hodgson had done right the first time. The Nigh Land would be up there with LOTR . It had that kind of potential .:confused: