Sandman - fantasy or horror?

Pedro Del Mar

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Mar 18, 2010
Darwen Tower
Just finished absolute sandman 1. Really enjoyed it but found certain parts were more in the line of fantasy than horror.

Please could someone who's read the whole series give me a clue (without spoiling anything!) if the rest of the series continues this fantasy style or if it dips back into horror (which would be my preference as I thought the horror parts best)


I haven't read it, but I've never heard it described as horror. Read Lucifer, which is pretty much a spin-off, and that was definitely fantasy (very dark fantasy- its about the Devil, after all-, but still fatasy).

Its got demons and madmen and stuff, but most comics have that. Its definitely a fantasy, which should be expected with a Neil Gaiman story.
When first released it was definitely marketed as horror, but it wasn't, not really.

Prelude's and Nocturnes has some horrific moments, but it is more in line with a dark fantasy.

The second storyline - The Doll's House is out and out horror, and introduces a character that is up there with the most horrific through any story I can think of.

After that though Sandman goes in some very unique directions. As a blanket to it all I'd have to say Fantasy, but it is a fantasy that is not scared to dip it's fingers into horror, and carry it a long for a while.
Horror fantasy. It has shades of horror all the way through the series--The Kindly Ones are scary as hell--and is very graphic, even in it's more 'literary' moments. Either way, read it; it's one of the best graphic novel series ever made. I envy you reading it as an adult. I wish I had.
It has elements of both genres and nicely crosses over, as does a lot of Gaiman's work.

Read Smoke And Mirrors for some great stories that cover the whole spectrum.

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