Naming Military Units

Flugel Meister

Universe Builder
Aug 9, 2010
On route to Harum Chakkor
Vaguely following on from Mouse's query of naming real hotels, would there be a problem with naming real military units in a novel, such as 45 Commando Brigade?

Can anyone see any problems with this?
Using the names of real units isn't a problem, but you do need to be careful if you make those units or someone in them do something morally or legally wrong which didn't happen in real life -- eg if you have them massacre everyone in a village. Also having an important character who could be interpreted as a real life figure with only a change of name is iffy if that person is still alive and liable to be offended by your portrayal of him/her.

If all you're doing is referencing them -- eg your lead character speaks to a major in 45 CB, or while he's doing things in Sector A 45 CB are mopping up the aliens in Sector B, that should be fine.
Thanks, Judge. I've already used a fictional Cdo Bde anyway, but just wanted to make sure if I could go back and use the real one instead.

One marine has a bit of a breakdown and is emotionally unstable. Totally understandable, considering the circumstances. But I don't want 45 Cdo Bde to think I, or anyone else for that matter, view them as unstable and prone to violent outbursts.

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