Happy Birthday, Isaac Asimov!

Yes. Happy Birthday to a true great. Missed but never forgotten.
Thanks, and much enjoyed!

What a waste of a great talent and a great man that he should die so 'young' (was it only 72?) - and so unecessarily too, due to that hospital '****-up' in giving him infected blood for the transfusion.

I would've loved to have somehow corresponded with him, especially over his Robot Novels, as he sounded amazingly approachable and humorous.

I feel I really missed out as I only started re-reading his Robot Novels in the early 2000s - having first read these at age 15.

That damned hospital has a lot to answer for!
I'm not sure if the hospital can be blamed. Asimov got the infected infusion in 1983. AIDS/HIV had just been discovered at that time.
We’re all just little lights, meeting by chance in darkness. When a light blinks out, the odds of being lit by it drop suddenly to zero. The unlikely event of connection seems less probable with each loss, that’s why death is sad. It’s said I can't miss someone I’ve never met, but I can mourn the chance of connection.
You were a light, and I miss you, Isaac Asimov.

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