Beorfestival – An Excerpt.

Toby Frost

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Jan 22, 2008
Hello all! The festive season has rolled around again, and a hearty bearded fellow makes his way through the snow to seek out jolly company. Who could it be? That's right, it's Beowulf! This Christmas' offering features that most festive of themes: Viking versus space monster. After all, what better way to celebrate Yuletide than with some bloodthirsty Norse poetry? Alright, carols, mince pies and Slade. Point taken.

Anyway, I invite you to pause for a moment and consider the real meaning of Christmas - and then to grab a battleaxe and fly into a monster-slaying berserker frenzy*. Enjoy the Saga of Beorfestival and Happy Christmas!

* Please don't. Battleaxes are sharp. You could hurt someone with that.

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