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    Up To The Throne by TA Frost released - and Free Chapter 1!

    My new book, Up To The Throne, is now out! It's a dark fantasy novel set in a magically-enhanced Renaissance, and tells of how one woman's search for revenge threatens to unbalance an entire city. It's available on Kindle, and the first chapter is free to download from my own website: Revenge...
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    The Pincers of Death - Book Launch

    Alright then, it looks like we're on! Thursday the 9th of November (that's two weeks from now) at 6pm at Forbidden Planet, Shaftesbury Avenue, London. You'll have to deal with me being there, scribbling on your new book and possibly reading at you, but otherwise it should be fine! Toby Frost...
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    The Pincers of Death - now out November 2017!

    The Pincers of Death, the sixth book about Space Captain Isambard Smith, will be out on the 9th of October. Once again, Isambard Smith takes to the skies to dish out justice and civilise the galaxy. But this time, he's got his sights on the greatest prize of all: Ghast Number One, the...
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    Straken - out in paperback!

    The Warhammer 40,000 novel I wrote, Straken, is now out in paperback. It's a tale of war, intrigue, space monsters, large killer robots, crazed preachers, dubious political officers, spaceships and explosions set in the far future. Plucked from a catastrophic war against the monstrous...
  5. Toby Frost

    This Year's Christmas Story!

    I am occasionally (ie never) asked what happened between the time of the Space Captain Smith books and now. Well, the short answer is that things got very bad before they got (arguably) better. This is a tale from that dark and twisted age, when bandits ruled the highways, existential angst...
  6. Toby Frost

    Me On A Podcast!

    For reasons that I can't remember, my friend Owen and I decided that it would be fun to make a podcast. And so was created Radio Charades, a rambling set of discussions about various geeky things, interspersed with complete nonsense about dinosaurs, films, robots and what would happen if George...
  7. Vertigo

    End of Empires by Toby Frost

    How can you not like a book that has the British Empire in space fuelled by tea; a war dinosaur instead of an elephant with a castle on its back instead of a howdah, a spaceship that’s seen far better days captained by Smith - personification of the idiotic British colonial officer – and crewed...
  8. Toby Frost

    A Festive Short Story

    Well, it's that time of year again, and here is a story about Space Captain Smith - unusually, as told by his best friend and skull-collecting alien warlord, Suruk the Slayer. So here it is: Merry Christmas!
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    I have a short story in the collection Sharkpunk, which is being launched in Forbidden Planet, London, at 1pm on Saturday the 9th of May. Yes, this is an anthology of stories about sharks: in water, on land, magical sharks, ghostly sharks and, of course, sharks in space. So do come along if...
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    What I think about openings

    There are many ways of starting a book. A really good writer could probably start a novel anywhere, and with anything, and the force of their prose would carry the reader on. But, as with all writing advice, the safest thing to do is to maximise the possibility that the reader will want to read...
  11. J

    The Isambard Chronicles, by Toby Frost

    Space Captain Smith God Emperor of Didecot Wrath of the Lemming Men I'm going to post these three together. They stand alone but I really think you'll want to read all three once you read one. (There is another, see his Bibliography under his name) Captain Isambard Smith might be seen as a...
  12. Toby Frost

    Book Giveaway for End of Empires

    The publishers tell me that you can win a copy of the new book on Goodreads. I'm not sure how this works - I don't use Goodreads, although I probably ought to - but here is the link:
  13. Toby Frost

    End of Empires - launch and signing!

    Right then, chaps. The new book, End of Empires, will be launched at Forbidden Planet in London on the 30th of this month, at 1pm. That's Saturday the 30th, at 1. Further details (and a rather nice cover, if I may say so) are here...
  14. Toby Frost

    Get Writing 2014

    You should go to this. It includes me and a range of proper writers doing talks and workshops. Also, the food is good, it's not very expensive and you get to meet agents. Can't say fairer than that, can you? Home
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    If anyone's interested, I have a Pinterest board, and it's here: Toby Frost is tobyfrost on Pinterest
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    "Straken" - a new novel out today!

    So, whilst not writing more Space Captain Smith or the great unpublished fantasy novel, I wrote a book for Black Library set in the Warhammer 40,000 world. It's out today in ebook format, and will follow in hard copy. There aren't any jokes, but vast amounts of alien monsters, hard-bitten space...
  17. Toby Frost

    Ten Short Bits of Advice

    The writing group I attend recently tried to collect bits of advice from its members. Here is what I came up with. Don't take these as absolutes: they're what works for me, and I think that they're generally true, but there will be exceptions. Feel free to disagree: perhaps it's a little...
  18. Teresa Edgerton

    The Interview Strikes Back

    An exclusive Chronicles interview with Toby has just been posted to the Chrons Home page.
  19. Toby Frost

    Revenge of the Interview!

    Yay! It's an interview with me! In fact, it's Revenge of the Interview: years ago, when I was young and naive, Mr Thaddeus the Sixth of this very site interviewed me on his blog. Now my jaded self contemplates the hard-living, garrett-dwelling path of authordom: Thaddeus the Sixth...
  20. Toby Frost

    Some Serious Thoughts About Comedy

    Mr Noah Chinn (whose book Bleeding Heart Yard I enjoyed a lot) offered me a guest post on his blog. I was going to weigh in on some of the issues affecting science fiction these days, but instead I wrote a piece about comedy, and some of the challenges it poses for readers and writers. I'm not...