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May 5, 2006
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Hello. So they ask for the full manuscript, do they mean, include a glossary of names if you so have one?

And also does it go toward the final word count?
If they've asked you for the full manuscript, anthorn, then I would imagine they'd want the whole thing, including the glossary. But if they've written to you, and you're not sure, then why don't you drop them an email and ask whether or not they also want the glossary. Then do whatever they say.

As for the word count, presumably you've already told them this? My take on it so far has been to exclude it, but to make it clear that's what I've done -- ie "95,000 words, excl glossary of terms". Alternatively, you could put something like "120,000, incl 15,000 of a glossary/appendix".
Okay cheers. Haven't heard anything back, I assume Angry Robot wont start replying until April. I have also sent off to a couple of agents. John Jarrold included.

I got some advice that Microsoft word is the commonly used word program in the buis, so I am now transfering everything over.
It depends on a number of factors, one of which you can decide.

If the glossary is in your book, then it is, by definition, part of the manuscript and so should in the manuscript you submit and included in its word count.

If, however, you see the glossary not as an essential part of the book, but something that could, say, be just as easily put on a website to help readers of the book, then don't include it in the manuscript or word count. (You may or may not wish to submit the glossary at the same time as the manuscript, although I can't see why you couldn't mention its existence; you may wish to contact the person asking for manuscript to ask them what they want to see**.)

** - But even then, you ought to have a pretty good idea of how you want it to be done (though it's probably not a good idea to start insisting on anything at this stage.)
Well, it's just a glossary of names and places mentioned in the book. Similar to the ones in the Wheel of Time.
I think you said you first book (of the series) - and I'm assuming this is the one you're submitting - is in the region of 110,000 words long.

I've just had a look at the Angry Robot site and they're looking for Fantasy in the range of 95k - 140k. So unless your glossary is immense, the word count with or without the glossary should still fit inside their window. (John Jarrold has mentioned Fantasy novel sizes on this very site, but I haven't time to look up what he's said.)
Well I've done some editing and rewriting since then.
Got it up to 120 including glossary. Had a look through it and discovered where I could boost wordcount without bloating it. I.E there is this 2month gap between Anthorn and Nikita fleeing Caraksand and reaching Damorkine.

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