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Aug 8, 2015
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Hoping for some help, because I'm still relatively new to interacting with this site other than just lurking with the occasional comment here and there are my newbie questions:

1. How do I submit a story in one of the monthly challenges?

2. How do I read others stories and vote on them?

* I'm assuming that there are stickies explaining all this stuff but I can find them and the search doesn't turn up anything useful. Actually I would love any direction to a list of FAQ's so I dont have to bother people.
Both are really easy.

Firstly, the quarterly 300 Challenge has closed for new entries, so you can't enter that one, though you can vote on it. The 75 worder is open, though, and all you need do is go to the thread and post there November 2016 75-word writing challenge -- READ FIRST POST! Warning: make sure you check your word count very carefully to ensure you've got no more than 75 words and if you have any made-up or hyphenated words, it's best to check with a moderator to see if they form one or two words apiece. Do all that before posting! Members have only one hour to amend any entry, but after that it's too late, and if the word count is over, even by one word, the entry has to be removed, which we hate doing.

Secondly, voting won't open on the 75 worder until 24th November, though you can read the entries as they come in on the above thread if you want. As I say, though, voting is open on the 300 worder now.

So, go to the thread, and read the entries here 300 WORD WRITING CHALLENGE #23 -- READ FIRST POST! and make a note of the three you want to vote for. (We have three votes for the 300, but only one for the 75.) Some people like to make a list of several entries and they note them in a post on the Discussion thread (DISCUSSION -- October 2016 300-word Writing Challenge (#23)), but there's no obligation on you to do that -- but have a read of the thread which shows what people do. When you're sure which 3 stories get your vote, then go to the poll POLL -- 300 Word Writing Challenge -- No 23 (October 2016) -- READ FIRST POST! and click on the appropriate square box next to the story titles/member names. Make sure you vote for all 3, then hit the "Cast Your Vote" button at the end of the poll. And that's it!

We don't have any FAQ for the Challenges, but we do have a list of rules, and that's here Rules for the Writing Challenges

There, I hope that helps! And I'll move this thread over to the Writing Challenges forum, so it's all there in the right place.
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