IMPORTANT: You must have 30 posts to ask for a critique

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Brian G Turner

Fantasist & Futurist
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Nov 23, 2002
Please be advised that you must have a post count of 30 before you are allowed to ask for a critique.

This is to encourage new members to take part in the general forums, before asking for a critique from our resident readers, writers, and editors.

In the meantime, please do also read our general guidelines here:

Important: If you post a piece for critique and you have less than 30 posts, your critique will be removed and you will receive an infraction.

Anyone attempting to make 30 junk posts in succession simply to boost their post count to ask for a critique will be banned and their posts removed.

My apologies if the rules sound heavy - but in order to preserve the quality of feedback in this section we ask that it be available for regular chronicles members, rather than one-post opportunists.
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