Arya: The Blind Girl chapter in ADWD. Are the bodies important?


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Jul 14, 2005
In Arya’s first chapter in ADWD, she is blind. Early one morning, she finds two bodies of people who, presumably drank the poisoned water of the house of Black and White. One body is that of an elderly woman. The only thing that Arya notes about her is that the woman has one ring and her body is still warm in a hidden alcove. The other body is that if a young man. His body is not warm, but has not yet stiffened. He is found under the altar to the Stranger. He has for gold coins from Westeros. He is clean-shaven, and his face is not yet lined from age. He has curly hair. Using her hands, Arya thinks he is handsome, and she does not find any wounds. Later in the chapter, Arya thinks of him as a bravo.

Are these random people? Do they figure into the story?

The young man could be from the seven kingdoms. He is found at the stranger’s altar. He has four gold dragons.

Assuming that a young man to aria would range from 16 years to 30 years of age, I can think of a few people who this could potentially be. A few people have left Westeros for the east, and a few have gone missing.

Even though the chapters are not in a strict chronological order, I think we can rule out Quentynand his companions. There is a huge geographic distance involved, Quentyn probably has injuries, and I can’t explain why they would be in Braavos.

Loras Tyrell has not been seen since he departed from the capital. His family needs him. His family is counting on him. I can’t imagine that he would kill himself.

Edric Dayne was sent to the free cities. I think he’s only about 14 years old though. He does not have a personality that seems depressed.

Tyrek Lannister went missing from the riot. How would he get to Braavos? Why would he commit suicide?

It is clear that the young man died before the woman. Did she kill him to make it appear as a suicide? Was it important that Arya find these bodies? Or is it just part of an acolyte’s job?

While she is searching the bodies, she is attacked. Was it important for her to be distracted from discovering something else?

Later in the chapter, she regains her sight. I do not think it is a coincidence that she did not see these two faces. Or at least one of them. That being said, later, in the book, she finds that there is a vault containing all the faces of the deceased. Will she end up wearing these two faces?

I don’t have any answers. I just noticed this yesterday. It’s been bugging me and I thought I would post.

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