looking for a book


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Feb 24, 2011
Hi Iam looking for a sf book it would have been in print not later than 1975. It is about a alien invasion of a pacifist earth. The heroes of the story are the crew of a british 20th century submarine who's crew were put into a deep sleep by a freak accident. sorry its all a bit vague but would appreciate any help as I never got to finish the book. tvm
Ah! I remember watching like the first two episodes of DSV. I gave up on trying to develop an interest about 15 minutes into episode three.
Overhyped and overacted and rubbish storylines. And that dolphin really was irksome - think it was meant to add a 'cute' factor but between it and all the Wesley Crusher type teens it just didn't gel as a worthwhile watching series
Anyways the OP was like six years ago so dunno if they'll ever read the answer