Kraken in 2010

Thank you for that update.

Would be interesting to get a hint about what it is. I know China is pretty strict on not letting things become misconstrued on the rumuor mill, which you have to respect.

Still even a few crumbs would be welcome.... :)
Is there any chance that it will be written in an avancular style?

Amazon now has a synopsis for Kraken:

The Natural History Museum's prize exhibit - a giant squid - suddenly disappears. This audacious theft leads Clem, the research scientist who has recently finished preserving the exhibit, into a dark urban underworld of warring cults and surreal magic. It seems that for some, the squid represents a god and should be worshiped as such. Clem gradually comes to realise that someone may be attempting to use the squid to trigger an apocalypse. And so it is now up to him and a renegade squid-worshiper named Dean to find a way of stopping the destruction of the world as they know it whilst themselves surviving the all out-gang warfare that they have unwittingly been drawn into...
He's been going from strength to strength ever since he moved on from Bas-Lag (much though I loved those books) and I suspect that Comrade China's real forte is in tackling something he hasn't already done. This seems like an oblique take on the Chthulhu Mythos, and while he has displayed a dab hand at evoking a sense of cosmic horror in the short stories in LOOKING FOR JAKE, he's never taken on the Derlethian vision of the mythos before as far as I know, even if this is likely to be an oblique approach. I look forward to the results!
Heh for a second i thought the book was a nautical,about a sea monster kind of SFF story.

Having recently read The Blue World by Vance who was about Kragens.

Good to this author isnt getting caught in book series after another. He is very interesting and nice to see him tackle stand alone books.
"And so it is now up to him and a renegade squid-worshiper named Dean to find a way of stopping the destruction of the world"

I almost want to buy the book for that phrase alone. Sounds very much tongue-in-cheek and I hope it's not unintentionally humorous! :)
I herd rumours that "Kraken" is the sequel to "Un Lun dun". I suspect this is a false rumour, right?
Well i'm looking forward to it anyhow. A sequel to Un Lun Dun would be good too.
"And so it is now up to him and a renegade squid-worshiper named Dean to find a way of stopping the destruction of the world"

I would buy it just for this alone ... but seeing him try his hand at something that looks like it might just belong with the Mythos is great too.
But is Dean the dean of squid-worshipping (as they might phrase it in the US)?

But it looks as if I'm going to have to read the book to find out. :)
Mr Miéville gave an interview to BBC Radio Four's Front Row programme.

The interview is towards the end (I think**) of the programme.

** - On other Front Row programmes, the show is divided into "Chapters", each dealing with one topic. Perhaps this programme will eventually be divided up; it was only transmitted on Friday evening, so maybe they haven't got round to it yet.
I really struggled with this one. In fact, I can't finish it. There seemed to be very little "stuff" in the novel, Billy was mercilessly shuttled around by other characters, and the endless swearing in the end got annoying. Also, I don't think it was brilliantly written in a couple of places, to the extent that I began to wonder if it had been written really quickly, or even dictated.

I expect the next one will be back to his usual standards. :rolleyes:

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