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Jul 10, 2009
There are article online now about the new Star Wars show in the making. A lot of Australian actors are jumping on the boat. As of now its said to be between ep. 3 and 4 w/o any jedi, or major Star Wars characters. However there will be sith, and it's rumored that Boba Fett will play a fairly large role.
Great news. Uh, are there any links to these articles? I guess I could seek them out on my own. Thanks for the info. Welcome to Chronicles.
I really hope that this will be aimed at the more mature audience and possibly be a little darker in tone. If Boba Fett has a large role, it's fair to say that Bounty Hunters in general will feature heavily.
Any Star Wars movie is welcome. Between 3 & 4 seems to be the preferred slot. Does anyone want to see the sgaa after 6 carried further?
It's an awkward one to say Arwena. I'd love to see a series set after the Original Trilogy. The thing is, I really enjoyed the Thrawn Trilogy, If there were to be a series set after the OT, would it negate that series of books (much less those that have followed on after).

To be honest, i don't mind when this series is set as long as it's a mature story for a mature audience. George has pandered enough to the younger audiance with the Prequal Trilogy, Tartatovsky's Clone Wars Cartoons and the current CGI cartoon. (I believe that there are rumours of a further series of cartoons aimed at 7 to 9 year olds.) Come on George, give us the seedier, more violent really of the Star Wars Galaxy with an adult storyline.
Thanks for the links TK-421. Looking forward to this. It's been a long wait.

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