Star Wars Television Show?


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Jul 24, 2003
It seems there are plans afoot to bring the saga to TV. Likely to be set between episodes III and IV, it will have some new characters and others that have been developed in the novelisations of the series. This will be live-action rather than animated and is due to appear sometime in 2007.

Anybody else got any info on this?:)
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Yes. Thankyou. Most interesting:)

I think the bit that intrigues me the most is what will happen when Lucas hands over the reins to another director. I always felt that the newer Star Wars movies were lacking that magic sparkle (perhaps it was because we knew exactly where the story had to go to dovetail with the original trilogy). This might give the Star Wars universe a new lease of life (then again it might be an unmitigated disaster). Such is life:)
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I think Lucas writing and soneone else directing we could get a great TV series. look forward to it.
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I think i could really get into a Star Wars tv series, so long as they leave Jar Jar at the door!
I just hope they dont have to skimp on the special effects budget or anything.
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There's tons of source material for the TV series anyway, so hopefully
their ideas won't go too commercial. But I can see the action figures in
pre-production now...
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I would rather if it was placed after the return of jedy but anyway,i will get it still
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Sounds good, but i agree with LeoCrow, it should be set after ROTJ and be based on the hier to the empire trilogy.
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I'll definitely watch at least the first episode of this series, if or when it airs. There are a lot of possibilities for this, even if it does not focus on Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader at all (even though he is the Emperor's right-hand man). I'm guessing we'll see struggles between colonized worlds and Imperial armies/squadrons, as well as perhaps more stories told from an Imperial point of view. And I think there will be some focuses on daily life on random planets under the rule of the Empire. The Rebellion probably won't fully form until the show's final seasons.
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Star Wars TV?

wow ,That can add a lot things into scenario. it may be a good ideal, I like it.
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Just so long as George Lucas doesn't continue with his revisionism of the Star Wars Universe, it should be OK. I'm rather put out with Episodes I-III's "Star Trek TNG" feel, as though Lucas decided to all but ignore Episodes IV-VI, but still kept the name, for purposes of familiarity.
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I hope it's about a Bounty Hunter going after what's left of the Jedi Order. Boba Fett could be the main character or not. They could have him appear as a rival every now and again.
But there's been so many rumors as to what it's about who knows. It might be something like Luke's life as a young moisture farmer :p
I just heard this morning that George Lucas is considering to do a television series on Star Wars. Unfortunately, there probably won't be any of the old characters, rather the show focusing on minor characters or characters we've never heard of (or care about). More importantly, this won't be a cartoon--there will be real actors and actresses playing the roles. The article can be found on several sources and here:

George Lucas plans Star Wars the TV show - Telegraph

All I can say is that this is probably going to be the worst series ever (yes, I'm very blunt and biased). My rationale comes from the fact that all three prequels were, in my opinion, downright horrible. They claim that the show could generate 100 episodes at least, but I've got my doubts that even the most Star Wars-oriented fans will find it enjoyable. We'll see.
It's interesting how reports are often rehashed when Star Wars is involved. George Lucas said all of that stuff back in 2005, when Episode 3 came out.

I guess this is a sign of how excited some people will be about this. But George Lucas has never been one to try and impress everyone. He's always done what he wanted to do, and with the expectations that the Star Wars title carries, he's bound to disappoint millions of people with anything he does to it. He knows this, yet the show goes on.

I'll discover very quickly whether or not this is for me, but someone is bound to enjoy it.