The long dreaded double Nelson issue


Roy G
Oct 19, 2006
Cheshire, UK
Stories from Sean McMullen, Kim Lakin Smith, Nina Allan, Alliete de Bodard, Tim Pratt and the issue's newcomer; Sarah L Edwards. Feminists can't complain about that line up, can they?

New subscribers also receive a FREE Black Static issue 10 with a subscription received before the end of May. Existing subscribers can have one as well, if they renew now/early and request a sample copy of Black Static 10.

Cover art by Adam Tredowski


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I got a copy of IZ 222 from the Borders on Charing Cross Road on Tuesday this week, and have almost finished it already. I've really enjoyed it - some really good stories this month. Many thanks.
Yet more short stories, from the British SFF magazine Interzone and the British Fantasy Society's Dark Horizons. For someone who prefers novels, I've been reading a lot of the shorter works recently.

Interzone has the usual six stories as well as news and reviews. The cover illustration, by Adam Tredowski, shows a strange, rather abstract spaceship blasting off from a planet.

Johnny and Emmy-Lou Get Married by Kim Lakin-Smith (illustrated by Warwick Fraser-Coombe): 1950s-style romance across the boundaries of futuristic US gangs, the Rocketeers and the Flies.

Unexpected Outcomes by Tim Pratt: is the Earth real – or just a simulation?

Lady of the White-Spired City by Sarah L Edwards (illustrated by Martin Bland): an imperial envoy revisits the backward planet from which she had fled centuries before.

Microcosmos by Nina Allen: a dystopian near-future Earth adapting to changed circumstances, and the personal costs of this.

Ys by Aliette De Bodard (illustrated by Mark Pexton): the magical drowned world of Ys emerges, figuratively and literally, into the life of a young woman.

Mother of Champions by Sean McMullen (illustrated by Anne Stone-Coyote): cheetahs are not at all what we think – they have evolved to perfection!

An entertaining and varied collection which I enjoyed. I'd have to award the medal to Sean McMullen for sheer originality, with a mention in dispatches for Tim Pratt's intriguing take on his theme.

(An extract from my SFF blog: Science Fiction & Fantasy)
Still trying to find a store stocking IZ so that I can buy a copy of this one, but nowhere locally seems to, which is very frustrating. I've resorted to trying to order a copy!
You should subscribe Ian. I'll be at F'con if you want to do it there otherwise go to TTA Press - Category Products

Borders is a good bet to find a retail copy, look in their film and media tie in magazines section, and WHSmug can get it for you if you ask but they won't stock it.

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