People don't all see things the same way - visual processing differences - longish article


I've often wondered if people really experience stimula the same at all. E.g. my father and my son are both some degree of "colorblind" and they demonstrably see the world differently from me. But what if we really all experience the color "blue" differently from one another? What if what my friend sees when looking at her favorite shade of tangerine is what I see when I look at aqua-blue gulf waters?
It's the same for us with severe dyslexia. We see the world differently from the rest of the 'Norm'.
And still, we each need to use different techniques or colored filters just to read anything or drive safely.
Why do some people - not crazy people - actually like black licorice? Clearly we perceive the universe differently.
I read "somewhere" that there is a compound in cabbage that if you can taste it, you are probably part of the population that doesn't like to eat cabbage. I do wonder whether there is any link between being able to taste the yuck and that means it isn't good for you, or whether it is good for you whether or not it tastes a bit bleh.
There is also the thing that some people can't smell bitter almonds from cyanide.
Another fun scent fact is that hydrogen sulphide, which is pongy eggs smell, and toxic - when you can smell it is in low enough concentrations not to be toxic. When you can't smell it, it has reached toxic levels. Therefore labs working with hydrogen sulphide gas, tend to smell of hydrogen sulphide, just a little, because then you know it is safe - as a final back up to modern detectors.