CURSE OF THE MISTWRAITH: Where the Atheran Journey Begins...


Lochaber Axeman, QC
Feb 9, 2008
(though Janny's full cover prints on the Harper Collins/Meisha Merlin books edge out the new cover theme, in my humble opinion).
Yes, Grim, I'd have to agree. I used to like the UK covers more (the old ones), but only because they were new to me. Now I definitely prefer the US edition covers (especially if the UK cover is inside as a frontispiece, or is on the back cover, etc.). However, the new covers are really nice too. Among the best covers in fantasy literature, are Janny's.

Ross, keep checking with If there is a supply glich, it will likely be taken care of very shortly. Also, DON'T SKIP FUGITIVE PRINCE!!! You would be totally lost, and it sets up the whole of the third story arc (the following four novels). Pay particular attention to Fionn Areth's birth prophecy. Very, very important.


Born For The Greater Good
Mar 30, 2008
I checked an hour later for Fugitive Prince on amazon and it decided it was in stock this time and it's already been posted. What lovely people looking after my needs:D

Talith has just made an escape from Arithon but for some reason I have a sneaky feeling that things are not what they seem:D