Star Wars Television Show?

I assume you have seen the two previous Clone Wars? I have them on DVD. Very well made. This one, however, uses a different animation.
No I haven't seen the previous two. I didn't even know they existed. I will have to go find them now.
The short, brightly-colored character with hugantic eyes is supposed to be Skywalker's apprentice. :rolleyes:
Star Wars without Vader is better most of the time in the novalisations. Star Wars without Luke or Wedge or Face and Phanan or Han Solo wouldn't be imaginable.

BRAVO! hello all, newbie here aka NOMAD.
I Really think you've touched on something there.

Make a t.v. series about Rogue Squadron. Plenty of material there
Not exclusevely dependant on principle characters save Wedge Antillies.

As to the timeline of this new venture.
Why else bother to make the proposed series take place in the 20+- years between the 3rd and 4th chapters.? Except for tieing up the loose ends, or explaining the evolution / de-evolotion of the look and feel between the prequils and the originals. Lets face it A new hope was by far the coolest thing to hit the silver screen in 1977. way ahead of it's time and gratefully so.
That being said. The tech and mech of the prequils was lets face it a lot slicker than that of 4 5 & 6. but it was Like Obi Wan said "A more civilized time. Before before the dark times , before the Empire."
actually sat down and watched all 6 in a day. Perhaps I'm more forgiving.
Perhaps I just love all things Star Wars. Being 7 year old when it came out and all. In my humble opinion it stands up. Especially when you factor in the updated versions of the original 3. If Lucas had also updated the look of the computer screens it may have looked better. However bear in mind, the rebellion had limited funding and a nomadic existance, so the tech would've been more solid state and battered yes? Also Military tech tends to be a bit more basic than the civilian tech, more functional rather than stylistic. So yes, to me it works out.

The other reason I believe is while Mark Hamil doesn't mind episodic telivision. I don't believe Mr. Ford or Ms. Fisher would (Lower) themselves to that Medium. And who would want to wear the 3po or Chewie costume for weeks at a time? I would like to see the t.v. series take us 20 tears into the future of number VI To the Yuuziong vong war. The principal actors are about the right age to pull it off. I think that would be vastly more interresting to watch. And a matte black Mellinium Falcon? How cool is that?
Especially since Lea sicked her tech crew on it to bring her up to spec and then some. I could do without the death of Chewbacca. That broke my heart for awhile.

Well thats my opinion.