Before They Are Hanged - Joe Abercrombie

Hey Joe

Good to see you about again!! Thank you for the extract, thank you thank you thank you...

I've managed to recommend this series to many people who have all given it wonderful praise!!

I can't wait for the next instalment!

Take care

I read the extract last night and I thought it was....ive never said this before about anything but omg I thought it was 'RAD'!
Just, Awesome.

Yay you! *thumbs up* Cant wait till it comes out, im still re-reading my favourite parts of 'the blade itself'

I'm distracting the wait with Stan Nicholls' Quicksilver Twilight^^
Can hardly put it away!
Seems I've got a thing for fantasy/sci-fi with a political matter these days..

But hey, only 6-7 months left!^^
I'm probably late to this thread but hey.
Just finished Before they are hanged and have to agree they're both pretty excelent books, couldn't put them down. My only quibble is that there's no viewpoint from the 'baddies' point of view. There's so much that could be written about the likes of Khalul, Bethod, and the Gurkish Emperor that it's a bit annoying
Anyway, I too feel that Quai is not all he seems to be and the most obvious explenation is that he's been seduced to the dark side by Khalul, I don't think he's an eater as Bayaz, Yulwei etc would probably been able to tell. already ordered Last argument and it's been despatched, so not long now and i can find out, Hurrah.

On a last note, Loving Sand Dan Glokta, always brings a smile to my face:)