Favourite Belgariad Race

Favourite Belgariad Race

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Lady of Autumn
Oct 26, 2006
Lincolnshire, UK
The races in the Belgariad are colourful and varied, matching the characters, but if you had to pick one, which would be your favourite and why?

I voted for Arends. They mean well most of the time, but aren't overly bright. Kind of like a puppy that doesn't realize it's about to run into a patio door...:)
The Drasnians! All my favourite characters were Drasnian, I love the romance of the harsh cold weather, and don't they keep reindeer? By far my favourites, witty, clever, sneaky and vicious when neccesary. :D Any race whose national obsession is espionage will get my vote!
(In fantasy only of-course!):)
Lol - Drasnians were my second favourites, Daisybee! It's the witticisms I like the best - and the secret language.:)
How could I have forgotten the secret language?! That's it, time for a reread.
I quite liked the Melcenes aswell, s'all about the money! :)
Has to be the Sendars, I mean "Ormik the Warlike," because he led an army to Vo Mimbre (and brought most of them back). Sendars go about their business and largely live safe, contented lives. Right up to the moment their way of life is threatened. At Vo Mimbre, no-one knew whether the Sendars were cavalry or infantry but they stood with the Rivans and fought like tigers. Nobody questions their courage and they don't need to prove it.
My vote went to the Rivans

They live on a rock, it always rains, they wear grey and yet inside they are all artists. Oh and of course they guard the Orb.
Well suffice it to say I voted Rivan. But not for reasons most would think. I did so because they are the most complex of the races. I almost believe that Eddings spent more time on this race than any other because they have this Dual nature. Outside they are the staunch defenders of the Orb. But inside they are all of the other races combined. They can be devious like Drasnians, warlike as a Cherek, Sensible as a Sendar, Greedy beyond a Tolnedran, crafty as a Nyissan, Noble as an Arend and hateful as an Angarak. They are the most unstereotypical race in the entire book because you cant quite describe there nature due to an inability to see what lies beyond their position as Guardians. NUFF SAID!
That's a very good point, RogueKnight. I hadn't thought of it like that, but now that you mention it, they do seem to be the most unstereotypical of all of Eddings' races.

Oh, and welcome to the Chronicles, by the way!:)
i voted Other, as i liked the Algars by far the most. Oh my god the most dangerous combatants of all. Drasnians might be formiddable, but i think Hettar could have taken Silk... at least if it weren't in a dark alley. They show as much cunning as the drasnians... just their national pasttime isn't espionage but horses. Also, the fact that they can pack up their villages whenever they need to and move...setting up a new village each night.
i hafta say other cuz i mean Belgarath doesnt have a "race" as one would put it and niether do any of the other Disciples of Aldur and to be perfectly honest Belgarath and Beldin are my favorite Characters
I voted Arend, because I like how they're like Arthurian characters. I also like the Angaraks because of their edge.
Chereks baby, yeah! Fighting, drinking, eating rowdy people. :D
Wherever Belgarath and Poledra came from...simply put, the residents of Aldur's Vale. Next would probably be the Arends - I kinda liked them from PTS.
I voted Others for Algars. Nice, quiet people, except when there are Murgos around of course.
Chereks baby, yeah! Fighting, drinking, eating rowdy people. :D

Not to say they actually eat people who are too rowdy... just that they enjoy food and are rowdy... we'll leave the cannibalism to the Marags. ;)

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