Which movie is the best??.....

Between us, yes! In fact I agree that T2 is huge fun, but that T1 is probably the better film.

The first film in a good series always has the advantage in that it introduces THE IDEA. But the trouble is that you can never see the first film for the first time again. All subsequent viewings are just memories of how you felt the first time you saw it. That is the annoying thing about The Matrix.

I remember the WTF in my head when Trinity's body wasn't in the phone booth. Now I already know why every time I see it.

Terminator 1. I was six years old. Saw it in theaters. Scarred me for life. Once I was able to cope, it became one of my all time favorites. T2 was more Sci Fi action rather than Sci Fi horror. Still great. T3..meh.

*Fun fact - Actor Bill Paxton is one of the few actors who has been killed by a Terminator, a Predator, AND and an ALIEN!
T1 for me. I still remember the first time I saw it and how thrilling it was.

I'm not overly keen on T2. Great set-pieces and effects, but I find the quotes really unfunny, and the thumbs up at the end (and 'I now know why you cry' - ugh!!!) makes me want to throw things at the screen.

I've seen the others the grand total of once each. They didn't do much for me, tbh.
To me they are both great movies, but I prefer Terminator 1. I feel like it's darker, scarier and a bit more depressing/hopeless feeling. Themes I like for whatever reason.
The first and second film were both fantastic .:)
The first film was a great sci-fi thriller, with plenty of suspense. The second was a great sc-fi action film, with plenty of stuff parodying the original. For me the original was aimed at an adult audience, the second targeted a teenage audience - and it shows in the level of violence and the interspertion of comedy with the violence.

Which is best? Well T1 was a great film, and very thrilling. T2 had a number of great twists, brilliant set-pieces and some really funny dark humour (Arnie trying to smile being one of the best).

T3 was a parody of the second film; a parody of a parody that simply doesn't work. Lots of plot-holes, lots of stuff that didn't make any sense and a complete waste of a movie.
The original Terminator, although Terminator 2 was pretty good as well. I didn't care for Terminator 3. Terminator Salvation was all right-I do like Christian Bale and Sam Worthington both and enjoyed the film even though I still prefer the original two films.
When it comes to Terminators themselves, I liked the TX the best. In my opinion it featured the best villain Terminator - the TX. She incorporated all of the most useful aspects of the previous models. Her weapon arm was excellent, everything from a circular saw to a plasma cannon. She was a virtual swiss army knife. I liked seeing the older T-1 models as well. Not having a movie studio executive-approved happy ending was nice as well. Seeing Crystal Peak was cool. The only thing I would've changed would be Clare Danes - she was disappointing.
The original is pretty much impossible to beat the original. The sequence where the Terminator storms the police station is an all time classic as far as I'm concerned.

T2 was good but far more about the special effects and when you've seen the pounding Arnie's terminator can take, well you really don't see the T1000 putting out that level of damage. But then I quite like the other Terminator films so what do I know?

Apart from Genysis, which seemed cut to pieces and I assume there is a major directors cut coming to explain why a pretty big actor such as Matt Smith does pretty much nothing and barely makes an appearance.
The original Terminator is still the best, IMO. T2: Judgement day was great, but it lacked the hard edge of the original.
I like them all but i do have a couple of thoughts re. Terminator: Genisys... dare I say I quite enjoyed it? Yes it was cheesy, yes the helicopter chase was a appalling, yes there were too many nods at what went before...

Other questions:
Why do non-fleshed robots have teeth?
Why round up all humans, why not just kill them outright?
Why was there a spoken countdown in the time travel complex? Machines wouldn't need it

There were loads of others but those 3 just stuck
I love both the first two. Hated T3, quite liked Salvation (I'd even watch it again if it came up on telly and nothing else was on) not seen the new one.

But out of the first two, it got to be the first one. I was 11 and my mate was 10 and I was sleeping over, his 15 year old older brother put it on for us and we felt so cool! It was the scene in the nightclub that did it for me, all those poor randoms, out on Saturday night, work is done for the week, cares, worries, lives, getting gunned down so mercilessly. It really stayed with me that scene.

Plus the greater sense of dread from the fact that the protector is mortal...
I don't have the same problem that others had with T3. Sure, it was the weakest of the movies and it had it's faults but it was an enjoyable enough romp. I kind of liked the sentiment that some things (like the nuclear war and the rise of the machines) are destined to happen and the time line always finds a way to correct itself. Perhaps the future isn't as malleable as we're led to beleive.

I also thought that Kristina Loken put in a good performance as the Terminatrix.

still need to see Terminator: Genysis.

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