Should humanity worship Sharon Valerii as the Saviour of Mankind?


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Apr 23, 2004
I was reading the DVD review of Season 2.5 on and one particular critic caught my interest. This reviewer has stated that Sharon is akin to the likes of Jesus Christ, yep, you guess it, the savior of humanity. While I may not agree with that assessment, this critic raises some very interesting points on the subject. Check it out:

Should humanity worship Sharon Valerii as the Saviour of Mankind?
"Before you scoff at this remark please consider the evidence placed before you that shows Sharon Valerii has in fact fulfilled all the requirements of the Messiah to become the Saviour of Mankind.

From the start Capricia 6 has been advising humanity that the Cylons are carrying out the will of God and thus prepared the way for the coming Messiah just like John the Baptist did for Jesus.

Jesus was immaculately conceived, and thus was born without blemish, so he could take the place of the sacrificial lamb and in so doing restore humanities relationship with God. Sharon Valerii was also immaculately conceived and thus was born without sin.

Like Jesus, Sharon was raised amongst humans until her true calling was revealed to her. She then demonstrated her true abilities and revealed openly her true nature, volunteering to be the first test on the Cylon detector and even telling the Chief she was a Cylon.

When Sharon became aware of the full nature of her calling she became incredibly distraught and desperately sought an alternative even trying to kill herself. Jesus equally, was terrified of the path set before him, begging God for an alternative and became so distressed he began sweating Blood.

Eventually both Sharon & Jesus realized the path set before them was the only true path and they accepted their true calling. Jesus entered the Great Temple in Jerusalem, but the Leaders did not welcome him as a King, in fact they were corrupt and Jesus rebuked them for making the Temple a den of money makers and prophesied the destruction of the Temple (the Wailing Wall is now all that remains after the Romans destroyed it). After demonstrating a miracle by destroying a Basestar single-handedly, Sharon brought down the man who most clearly stood for the corruption of humanity, Commander Adama. Yet despite shooting at point blank range she chose not to kill him.

Sharon was then betrayed by those she loved most, and by those who claimed to love her in return. They put her in chains, beat her, tortured her, derided her, denounced her, spat on her and eventually murdered her in cold blood. (No comparison to what happened to Jesus should be necessary).

For all this, Death could not contain her, and Sharon Valeri was resurrected. On being reborn, Sharon was not filled with hatred and disgust for those that had betrayed and murdered her. In fact quite the opposite, she was filled with compassion for humanity and working with her prophet, Capricia 6, embarked on a greater calling to save humanity.

She has left humanity her Spirit in the Body of the second Sharon, who is now guiding Commander Adama. Adama now shows a growing level of humanity as he slowly embraces the wisdom of Sharon. It is easy to see the similarity between Saul's conversion to the great apostle Paul, and Commander Adama's transformation.

So with this evidence before you will you accept Sharon Valerii for what she really is?"

And here is the link:

Thoughts anyone?

As far as I know, Jesus never gave birth, so maybe the comparison isn't quite as apt as the writer intends. But then, I'm not a scholar of religion. :)

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