Planet of the Apes, comparing versions


Jun 27, 2006
What was impressive in the original version was the desert locations; we were convinced -like Heston- during most of the film he went to other planet close to Orion constellation (not just due to exotic desert but because strange luminosity and no moon, thunder & lightning and yet no rain). Even the revelation of the nuclear past holocaust was not done immediately. We see Heston kneeling after something metallic is seen twisted. The shot is done from specific angle from above. Finally we see the crown but we think "it is maybe Statue of Liberty" and only in the last seen we see it buried in the sand.
The irony he left the earth with the thought something better than man should've been somewhere just to find INVOLUTION or evolution in reverse. The explanation for mute humans and smart apes is by mutation as a consequence of the holocaust. Yet we know the apes can't talk because of the nature of their throats not to mention intelligence. They can make gestures like deaf and dumb gestual language and use some "computers" to ask bananas, this sort of things. Mutations in fact are against the survival of the most skills because usually are freaking monsters less skilled. Hence Burton used a better argument: genetic engineering performed upon chimps. It's known, though, chimps get too violent after adolescence so they are "retired" even if they are trained genius in labs.
Since the epiloge of the original one is too famous, Burton had to change the whole thing to surprise us and I think he did it accurately because we never expected the inexpressive Whelberg astronaut would go the future when the ticking in the clocks inside his vessel was going backwards (unless it was a journey to an ALTERNATIVE EARTH) or was the clock damaged?
The irony of having religious apes who were made upon the likeness of the God Ape reminded me the Mayan Quiche Popul Vuh Bible saying men were transformed into apes and not the opposite.
I loved Burton's respect to Heston hiring him to be the keeper of archeological evidence of man's past technology since we know Heston was the man against apes and in his personal life he's afford of using guns to protect ourselves. In the new version apes didn't evolve that much to create fire weapons. In the original book written by a French author, apes had the technology of the 50s and the story happens in France. Can you imagine apes in Eiffel Tower?
I loved the inversion of circumstances and reminded me Egyptians thousands of years ago trained baboons to sweep their temples. I loved the idea in original film connecting radioactivity doom with the forbbiden zone acknowledging even religious scrolls do have important details about past real history though fragmented.
I was also important the idea the 3 astronauts (one black, Heston blonde and other white but with black hair were like Noah's 3 sons ready and willing to have sex with the lieutenant woman chosen to be a new Eve ..but we know air leak killed her while hybernating).
It seems Burton used elements of all the sequels to create his version. It was a good effort specially in the simian perfomance and the clear difference between orangotango, gorillas and chimps. The actors performing humans unfortunately acted in sub-human level! Heston performance in few minutes stole the show!