Ongoing Colonization of a planet several light years away from Earth. Media: English. Library audiobook produced on cassette tapes. Read 2005-2007

Faraday 451

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Jul 27, 2020
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Major themes: Space colonization/new society practical challenges, Religion vs. Science, Morbid socio/psychopathy in leadership positions.
Plot: Main character slowly uncovers plot to destroy Earth.
Setting: Colony planet 5-6 light years from Earth in our not-too-distant future.
Characters: Cheif Safety Officer, Captain, Ist Officer, Colony leadership personel.
Target Audience: Young adult and older.
Ruled out: Current alien presence. Alternate timeline/realities
The story opens with a transport ship's arrival at the colony planet. (No aliens are involved) Main protagonist is the Chief Safety Officer, responsible for making sure there is no (antimatter-ish) propellant left aboard. He's at odds with the (main antagonist) Captain and does not know why. The colony struggles because of planet-quakes that have recently destroyed a hydroelectic dam they'd built to produce power. The captain has put in a requisition for a ship loaded with the highly dangerous propellant to "provide an alternate power source". The plot unfolds that the Captain and 1st Officer are "Enders" and wish to use the ship loaded with this dangerous substance as a bomb to destroy Earth's population to satisfy a prophecy they both hold dear. When the plot is foiled, the Captain commits suicide on a crucifix, hoping to become a martyr to their cause.


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Oct 11, 2006
Welcome! I'm afraid I have no clue as to this book. But you have given us a lot of detail. One of our resident "finders" might well be able to help you with this.

When it's found I might give this book a go.