predator VS robocop


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Jul 20, 2004
Hi people,

I am new to the site so please dont get angry if this is a post you have heard so many times, I just need some help on the legendary fights section of my website (under construction), i am making battles out of characters from classic sci-fi films and just wandered if anyone can help me.

Just would like to ask you who you think would win in a fight Predator or Robocop.

Personally I think predator as he is faster, invisble and has long range weapons.

Problem with Robocop is that he is always turned into so much scrap metal, some kid does a panel beating job and the neighbourhood rises against whoever is in charge of OCL.

Not wishing to be disparaging, but I can't see how the two could meet?
I personally don't think that Robocop would stand a chance in hell against Predetor.

I meant there is a mismatch on so many issues.

Weapons - lazer cannon and flying metal discs vs hand gun (well machine pistol). And what happens if Robo looses his gun a la Robocop 2 and they meet face to face?? Pred has all those cold steel implements to get to work with.

Manoeuvrability - how about super agility vs no agility or even the ability to run!!!

Camouflage - Bending light vs thump, thump, thump, thump, whirr click, thump, thump!!

I mean the technology gap in insurmountable, Predetor has mastered space travel, Robocop is made by us and our puny brains.

Ok so Robocop prob emits not heat and that cold make things harder, but Predator had a variety of different optical modes..
Plus I was reading an article about sniper craftsman ship and found an interesting comment that things of identical temperature can infact radiate different intensities of IR energy. So even though Robocop may be same temp as ambient temp, the materials he's made of may still cause him to be distinguishable via IR detection... Anyway we'll never know...

Plus the fact that Predator seemed to survive a barrage of assault rifle and machine gun bullets and escape with minor injury yet Robocop at best fires .45 ACP or Magnum rounds (although highly unlikely.. also imagine recoil on a machine pistol chambered to magnum cartridges.. Jesus...) anyway he prob fires 9mm and that a hell of a lot less powerful than Assault Rifle or Machine gun rounds.
Would it be a great surprise, I actually agree with you!

But it has to be recognised that Predator makes serious tactical errors of his own. He has lost to a lot less promising candidates than Robocop, including Arnie!
Actually Predator does make tactical blunders, however he does kill a lot of highly trained special forces troops but succumbs to good ol' Arnie... but then I guess not even Godzilla would stand a chance against the Governator in a toe to toe fist fight.. After all Arnie took on Satan himself in "End of Days", and won..

But there does seem to be an inconsistency in intelligence levels between what Pred sometimes does and the intelligence behind he construction of his equipment.. I guess there are prob geek predators on planet predator inventing this stuff and giving it to the warrior/hunters to try out...

But yeah I guess there are scenarios where Robo may have a chance but the clever money's on Predator..

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