Looking to borrow/buy copy of Season Premier


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Jul 17, 2004
Well, had the TiVo set up and ready to go but as I am in the midst of moving into a new place everything was juryrigged and one my kids accidentally muted the cable box. Needless to say two hours without audio is not the same! I checked upcoming episodes and didn't see it repeated. I can add this to my list of unlikely things to go wrong that have. I must be cursed!!

I'd like to borrow or buy a copy of the Atlantis season premier. DVD is preferred but I still have a VCR. If you can help me out please send a private message.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Just discovered this forum and it's great!
Need the same

At least you have something, my Tivo failed to tape at all because it was set wrong. I am so bummed. I would be happy to pay for a copy of a tape or DVD, please email me at mincolo@hotmail.com.:(
Premier of Atlantis Rising

If you will check the scifi channel or go to their website, www.scifi.com/atlantis and watch under "WHAT'S NEW " YOU'LL SEE IT AIRS AGAIN ON jULY 27, FROM 8pm est. to 10 PM again. This time we all need to check our recorders.