Stargate: Atlantis. What do ya reckon?

Col. Jack

Picture from ep 'holiday'
Apr 16, 2004
I know theres still a few months till we find out what Atlantis is like but do ya'll think it will be any good?

Im not sure. Ive always thought that the reason I liked SG-1 so much is because its set on earth, here and now and they started off with no special technology (except the stargate). Just some
P-90s, a few claymores and jacks wit. It seems like Atlantis will be the total opposite of this which may make it good. Who knows. Not me.
It's hard to tell. I'm reading spoilers,alas, and nothing jumps out at me and says WOW. I have no high expectations of the series, considering the writing staff, but then that might do well in the long run as I won't expect emmy-award winning scripts :D

However, I'll tune in as I want to see what they do with Dr.McKay. Just hope they don't turn him into a comic foil.
And I hope they won't convert the female role into the emotional and dishonourable adolescent 'chick' that loses her head in a crisis that the writers did to poor Sam in 'Heroes' - among others. :mad:

I want to see a strong female character that bears at least a passing resemblance to reality.

The trouble is, the writers (all male) just don't 'get' women. :rolleyes: Furthermore, they don't get intelligent women, and they certainly don't get intelligent professional women! :angryfire

So I agree. I have no great expectations of the series, but I'll give it a whirl. I wouldn't mind seeing Doc. MacKay again. He had attitude! :D

Best wishes,
Hatshepsut :wave:
We've had sci-fi serials since the 50s (give or take). As above, I think one of the reasons that SG-1 has done so well is that it is premised on being set today/tomorrow, rather than in 100 or 1000 years.

By jumping to Atlantis we lose that winning premise - presumably - turning the show into "just another sci-fi serial".

Or not - we'll have to wait.

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