Gag Atlantis Spoilers

Episode- Not Able To Go:part 1

Summary- While visiting Abydos, SG1 discovers a new food that many of the people were beginning to take for religious reasons. As SG1 take the sample of food back to Earth to be tested for drugs, they relize that the food causes severe constipation. They quickly send the sample back, but it is too late and the base has been contaminated. Earth has been doomed.

Episode- Not Able To Go:part 2

Summary- As SG1 quickly searches for the cure, personal of the base are dying from not being able to poop. SG1 visits the Tok-ra and they suggest a newly discovered planet indigioness in life. SG1 goes to the address and find that the people are a group of people originally from earth- THE CLOWN PEOPLE. SG1 soon discovers that a combination of laughter and high doses of Exlax is the best way to begin the pooping.
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Rumor: Richard Dean Anderson to make guest appearance as
Macgyver. The studio has ordered 7000 roles of duck tape for
this episode (maybe enough to cover a Stargate?). And new
technicians were highbred to create the 101 small to medium
scale explosions that are expected in this episode.
Rumours have it that the season 1 episode of Atlantis, 'Big Brother' will guest star all the big brother contestants of every single country that has held many, many seasons of that evil show. They will all live on the BB planet where the diary room is home to the Stargate. Chaos ensures when MacKay is mistaken for big brother... and Teyla and Sheppard get evicted.
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I hate it how reality TV is taking over at the expense of quality drama.

Robert Picardo (played the Doctor on 'Star Trek: Voyager') was quoted as having a spoof idea for a new Star Trek series a few years back. He called it 'Star Trek: Fantasy Island'. The contestants are marooned on a tropical planet with only stone knives and bearskins and the first one to develop a Warp Drive wins.
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Episode: 'Space Cowboys'

Since everyone else in the SGC have now grown udders and horns, General Hammond is brought out of retirement to rescue the Stargate Atlantis team. He insists that he will only do it if he can reform his original team from 1969. Guest Stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy-------------------------------------
Season 2
Mid Season Finale - Part One "Betting the Farm"

Udder chaos ensues when the bovine bacterium returns to the base. Dedicated technician, Walter "Don't Give me Bull" Davis manages a distress signal to the Pegasus galaxy just in time. The Atlantis team arrives with newly formed allies to battle the bovines. Coined "Flying Monkeys" by Dr. McKay, (Shepard: MUST we re-name everything?) these nimble creatures help our heros save the planets once again.
(Special Guest stars Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.)

Quote: "Look out the flying...cow. Um, never mind."

Season 2
Mid Season Finale - Part Two "Space Monkeys"

Barely surviving the recent cow-tastrophy, Dr. Jackson and and Gen. O'Neill travel to the Pegasus galaxy to build relations with the ally apes -- and hopefully gain access to some big-honkin' space guns.
(Special Guests Liza Minelli, daughter of Judy Garland, and John Lahr, son of Bert.)

Quote: "They're primates. We're primates. Please, just try to be respectful."

Quote: "Daniel, they're CHIMPS!"
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It's great and kind of unexpected how some people are building on other people's posts like Nyssa and the others in earlier

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Rumor: The guy that played Captain Stubing on Love Boat
will star as the captain of a lost Space Ship from 2 years
into earths future. The ship will look vaguely like the Prometheus.
Through out the show minor gags will be done comparing the
former Love Boat actor to Captain Picard.

Quote from the unknown episode.

Dr. McKay: So what do you think of Atlantis?

Captain: It's exciting and new. I'm glad I could come aboard.

Dr. Weir: Oh Captain, we were expecting you.
And, while Captain Piccard/Stubing is touring the Anceint's base he discovers a yet undiscovered door which leads to a whole new level. This is, of course, dedicated as "The Ledo Deck."