New BTS Photos and Production Sketches


First Prime of Burgstrom
Jun 18, 2003
Go over to to check them out, but beware of spoilers. Speaking of which...

It's good to see pics of the cast in costume and everything. Robert Patrick looks pretty cool. Also, the new production sketches are cool as well. The dismembered hands, I think are from the Wraiths, the ships looks cool (from the initial spoilers they are small enough to go through the stargate) too. The show is shaping up to be far.
Looks impressive, but I'm afraid Atlantis will have well and truly sunk back into the sea before we get it here in Oz!! LOL We still haven't seen all of Season 6 here in Melbourne!!:( :mad:
You should invest in a region-free player and import Season 6 and whatever Season 7 episodes are available. Or download.

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