Photo of cast now up!

Hm, two white guys, one black guy and one gurrl - so nothing new there then... :lol:

Thanks for the heads-up, Rowan. :)

Best wishes,
Hatshepsut :wave:
(sigh)... I'm afraid it'll take a while before I get used to them... :rolleyes:
Yeah, it will take time to get used to a new cast -- just like it did 7 years ago when our beloveds first appeared in the pilot of SG1. :rolly2:
OH God NO!!!

NOT McKAY!!!!!!!!


*Kat runs screaming from the thread*
Funnily enough, that's just what I was thinking about McKay being a full-time team member.....
Its funny seeing the civies wearing different uniforms than the military types worn in past episodes.

Maybe with more civilian oversite of the SGC, they want to demilitarize it and make it easier for the populace to handle it if the SGC ever becomes puplic knowledge.


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