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Oct 8, 2000
Press Release Source: SCI FI Channel
SCI FI Channel Doubles Dramatic Series Development
Monday March 31, 5:10 pm ET

NEW YORK, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- SCI FI Channel, already a leader in original dramatic series in cable, announced today that it has doubled its series development for '04-'05. The ambitious new programming slate broadens the reach of the Channel by traveling through the varied universes of comic book publishing, celebrity producers and A-list writers -- as well [color=blue=as the ever-expanding cosmos of SCI FI's successful Stargate franchise.[/color] Projects include:

Dead Lawyers -- DreamWorks Television (Taken) produces this one-hour series with a deliciously judicious concept. Sleazy unscrupulous lawyers, in order to redeem themselves, come back from the dead to defend everyone they screwed when they were alive -- and it's all pro bono! When hotshot defense attorney Jimmy Quinn is run over by a bus, he finds himself in his own version of hell: a law firm on earth composed of other dead lawyers, all trying to right miscarriages of justice in order to redeem themselves. Executive produced by The Zanuck Company and DreamWorks Television. Distributed by USACE. Story by Christopher Murphey and Andy Lieberman. Script by Murphey.

The Divide -- What if the weirdest trio you could imagine -- a latenight DJ, his dead twin sister, and the local coroner -- teamed up to fight crime? In this new mystery series, a knowingly bogus late-night radio psychic discovers his abilities are real when visited by the ghost of his twin sister. Together with the aid of the local female coroner, they put together the missing pieces of unsolved crimes. A little supernatural vision from beyond the grave mixed with forensic science here on earth -- a perfect recipe for solving the intriguing mysteries of the dead and the living! Produced for SCI FI by Lions Gate, the production company behind USA Network's hit show The Dead Zone, executive produced by Stan Brooks and written by Frank Military and Dean White.

Legion -- Whoopi Goldberg, Stephen Garrett and Jane Featherstone executive produce this series about a young man who sells his soul to the devil to save his daughter's life. He soon discovers the price he has paid is higher than he thought possible. He must leave his family -- and wander the world with the terrifying ability to recognize other demonically possessed souls. Our hero begins an action-packed adventure to destroy the minions of darkness, and perhaps free himself from eternal damnation. Produced by Kudos Film & Television, Ltd., Whoop, Inc. and Tom Leonardis, written by Tony Jordan, and distributed by USACE.

Stargate: Atlantis -- A whole new adventure with a new team begins in the successful Stargate universe. In this spin-off from MGM Worldwide Television, a secret base left by the originators of the Stargate is found in the most unlikely of places-on Earth buried within the ruins of the legendary civilization Atlantis. The implications of this discovery lead the team to a distant universe, where they find a primitive human civilization threatened by a sinister new enemy.

Painkiller Jane (in development, 2-hour backdoor pilot) -- Based on the Event Comics series, SCI FI and MGM Worldwide Television once again partner, this time to bring to life a virtually indestructible super-heroine for the new millennium, Painkiller Jane. This action-hero series is based on a young marine officer, Jane Browning, who is exposed to a biochemical weapon that changes her genetically, endowing her with incredible self-healing powers. She becomes an ultra-covert agent fighting crime while struggling to remain free from those who would now use her gifts for sinister purposes. Written by John Harrison (writer/director SCI FI's Frank Herbert's Dune & writer/co-producer Children of Dune) and Don Opper. Harrison, Opper and Greg Gold are attached as executive producers. Harrison will direct.

Clive Barker's The Evil One -- Created for SCI FI from the visionary mind of Clive Barker (Wishmaster, Lord of Illusion, Hellraiser, Candyman) comes a new exploration in thriller fiction. It's not always easy being the bad guy -- and, frankly, it's hard to get truly evil help these days. Told from the perspective of an evil demon, this new series from Barker turns traditional narrative on its ear -- where each week, the forces of good and evil do battle. However, in this weekly series, the Anti-Hero often wins ... Produced by Seraphim, Inc. Executive produced by Clive Barker. Format by Barker. Distributed by USA Cable Entertainment.

Total Eclipse -- Jeremy Cross arrives at his new teaching and research position at Greylock, a beautiful and prestigious college, only to discover that the school is a nexus of the otherworldly, arcane, and supernatural. As if tenure wasn't hard enough to get, the faculty's IQ goes up every year, intelligent wolves roam the forests, and the research covers time travel, extrasensory perception, and anything else on the edge of science. Distributed by USACE. Executive produced and written by Steve Aspis.

Suture Girl -- Developed from the Gretchen Culver character in the incredibly popular "Spawn" comic book series, this action series features an extraordinary heroine. After being violently murdered by a serial killer, a beautiful former advertising executive is literally stitched back to life and imbued with special powers by a mysterious gypsy woman. Now, living amongst her new family in the gypsy community, Suture -- still curiously beautiful -- is a voice for the oppressed and a court of last resort, as she fearlessly fights evil with the help of a handsome crusading lawyer. Written by Alan McElroy ("Spawn," "Ecks vs. Sever"), the back-door pilot will be executive produced for SCI FI by Fireworks Entertainment and Edmonds Entertainment's CEO/President Tracey E. Edmonda, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, and Edmonds Entertainment's head of television Sheila Ducksworth. McFarlane will also serve as a producer.

Previously announced series projects currently in development include Quantum Leap, Anonymous Rex, Reveille's 1000 Days and Brother Voodoo.

now that I've thought more on this . . .

my thought is that Showtime, with a large audience not limited to science fiction, didn't want to pony up the money for SG-1, Atlantis, another spinoff after season 8, and possibly a movie. In Showtime's eyes, SG-1 wasn't a huge draw in audience numbers. Sci-Fi probably saw the audience for the Showtime series as huge by comparison to its usual audience(s), and decided to become a player in this one.

Query: has anything changed since NBC made the buyout?
Groan these are ALL actual pitches for REAL shows ... aaaargh if this is what they have to offer judging from some of these pitches unless the writing and acting is truly brilliant Sg:Atlantis is going to look wonderful however good or bad it turns out to be !!!

I've heard a lot about Stargate Atlantis and its release in 2004/05 in the states but what's the deal for British Stargate fans?

Will it be Sky One over here again maybe...

Do we not know this yet?



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