Alias - Favourite season?

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May 18, 2002
It's only been on for 2 seasons, and just going into the third, but which do you prefer, and why? Favourite episodes, moments?

I personally haven't seen season 1, and i'm halfway through 2 on Channel 5, but am upto date on season 3. Having read all of the transcripts it's hard to decide whether i prefer 1 or 2 without actually seeing them all, so i'm going to go with season 2! :)

Fav eps - Passing Part i/ii, Phase One, The Telling :D
I prefered season one. Things were less confusing then, and the characters were still developing.

I've liked certain aspects of season three, but it's beginning to go down hill, IMHO. It's become less about the job, and more about Syd's emotions and feelings.
since i missed most of s2, i went with this one. nothing has let me down yet. (even though syd did get much better outfits in s1....i'm such a girl:rolly2: ....)
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