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Tal Shiar
Feb 3, 2003
My wife and I are absolute addicts of the ABC series, Alias. I know this isn't a scifi flick, but it does have some cool gadgets and other futuristic plot type devices.

I'm wondering how many of you watch this show and to what degree. Do you like it. It's one of those shows that's hard to jump into unless you've seen it at least from the beginning of a season. I would guess it takes about 3-5 shows to understand the overall storyarc.

Finally, do you all think that we should ask for a new Alias Forum here at ascifi? This of course would be up to the administrator, but let's hear it.
I haven't watched that much Alias, what I have seen I have quite enjoyed, but not to the point where I would watch every week.

Hope you don't mind that I moved the thread to the appropriate forum.

Regarding getting a forum for Alias... Well, as you say, it isn't really SciFi or Fantasy, more of a crime/spy thriller kind of thing. However, if lots of people were interested it might change things.

Consult the following thread for more info on drumming up more support for a forum or sub-forum:
I haven't watched it either, and though it doesn't seem like Sci-fi to me, I've noticed that the TV guides and websites seem to classify it as Sci-fi.
I just picked up this months SFX magazine - they have started including reviews of the show in their Spoiler Zone... Very strange, maybe I'll have to take another look - did I miss some futuristic bent to the show?
watched 1 eppy of this and hated it.....thought it was really boring!!
I've seen a few episodes, and I've enjoyed what I've seen.

It's one of those shows that's hard to jump into unless you've seen it at least from the beginning of a season. I would guess it takes about 3-5 shows to understand the overall storyarc.

yeh I get a little lost. Especially with who is working for who.
Originally posted by Tabitha
did I miss some futuristic bent to the show?

The overall storyline is about this guy Rimbaldi (sp?), that lived back during the late Renaissance. He was a kind of Technology Prophet. He predicted all sorts of extremely advanced technology. All these different spy agencies, some government, some rogue, are trying to get his manuscripts and devices which were carefully hidden around the world. So, they've been able to find some stuff, decipher it, make it work and it does really hi-tech futuristic stuff.

The CIA is worried because one of his prophesies (to take place in near future) involves the downfall of a great empire (something like that), assume to be the US, at the hands of one person.
Thread revival!

Just got into this a few weeks back, i was running out of shows to watch after a lot of my fav shows disappeared, and my friends were nagging me to try this. So i tried, and i'm in love with it!

I came in at the second ep of the second season, so you can imagine my confusion (although if any of you are X-Files fans, this show got nothing on that mytharc).

Basically in the first couple eps we learn that Sydney, the female lead played by Jennifer ('Daredevil') Garner was recruited out of college for an organization she was told was the CIA, but she's told that SD-6 (the branch of the "CIA" she thinks she works for) is not legit. She ends up becoming a double agent for the real CIA to give them knowledge about SD-6 (a group which is part of the mysterious Alliance).

Her main CIA contact is Agent Michael Vaughn (called her 'handler'). There are also a lot of family issues with double-crossing mothers, over-protective dads and friends who sometimes snoop too close to the truth for their own good.

Her basic goal is to help bring the Alliance down one small step at a time by helping the real CIA.

So that's Alias in a nutshell really. I haven't seen any of season 1, so i'm currently reading all of the transcripts for it ( whilst simultaneously watching season 2 on Channel 5 (Saturdays around 20:00), and watching season 3, which premiered last Sunday, via helpful friends.

This could be made a mini-forum if people want.

It is a big show on other forums. I didn't see how it could be scifi, but there is apparently a big possible
time-travel story element in a end of season cliffhanger
so that explains that. It must be to do with the future technology.

I've never watched it myself.
I would personally like a mini-forum, although since there aren't apparently many fans of it here, i would be content to just use this thread for discussion.
i'm really excited about the potential of this season. things could get very interesting
I liked the show. I saw most of the first season, but didn't tune it for season two. I've gotten back into it this fall though, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
Originally posted by angelle myst
*Very* interesting! Tokyo you interested in a mini-forum for this?
absolutely. i think they've picked a very original way to add lots of new and fun plot twists (besides the big few already) and it's a good show besides
i've gotten my roommate hooked on it now. i even forgot to record it the other day and she just did it for me:D
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