2.3: Strange Attractors


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Dec 30, 2000
Teleplay By: J. Michael Straczynski
Directed By: Charles Winkler

Summary: After a brief reunion with his father, Jeremiah returns to Thunder Mountain, where he finds Kurdy still holds him responsible for Elizabeth's death. Markus assigns them to separate - and equally dangerous - parts of mission to free the leaders who were taken prisoner before their captors can carry out a standing execution order.

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The episode was great. It was good to see Theo again, I love her scene with Jeremiah. Although it have to be painful for him. :lol: Also enjoy that we learn more about Mister Smith. Not much, but a bit more. I really like his interaction with Kurdy. Interesting how he tells to everyone that he is from the same place than the person.

The thing about Milhaven was very interesting, I'm not sure I like to see Jeremiah getting comfy in Milhaven so I hope something happen later to prevent that idea of Markus to become a reality.

We learn of the new threat, this Daniel. I'm looking forward to learn more of him and what he stands for. Interesting to know that people are traveling to where he is to hear him out. So he's getting followers for other places. Definitely an interesting thing specially what this could mean to Thunder Mountain. Also interesting to know that VS wasn't interested in this Daniel or don't give him much attention.

The thing about the "fractal theory" was interesting but a little confusing. I'm sure want to see more about this.

The episode was just incredible.

Krystal :rain:

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