2.2: Letters From The Other Side Part 2


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Dec 30, 2000
Teleplay By: J. Michael Straczynski
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy

Summary: Kurdy meets the mysterious Mister Smith. Reluctantly, they join others from Thunder Mountain in Lee Chen's danger-ridden plan to rescue Jeremiah, Markus and Erin from Valhalla Sector.

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Wow. What a great epp. I liked the trade: Kurdy got Marcus and Erin back, while VS got what was coming to them. I felt sad for Marcus at the end.
This episode was just amazing from beginning to end. I totally love it. All the thing of Thunder Mountain attacking Valhalla Sector. The surprise of the helicopters that the TM group have in hiding. Meaghan spreading the Big Death in VS, and finally seeing Markus reaction when he know who Erin and him was going to be exchange and the implications of that action. It was just awesome. And finally, the goodbye of Meaghan and Markus. The episode was just incredible.

I get surprise with how easily Thunder Mountain end the threat of Valhalla Sector per se, you know the base. But I imagine we would see more about them, since I imagine they probably would have allies or people that were out of the base at that moment. So wil have to wait and see.

When the military guy of Valhalla died, I think for a moment that Devon was infected because by the way he react. It was just an strange reaction or maybe it was a natural reaction to the close the guy died from him. :eek:

I felt sad for Marcus at the end.

The Meaghan and Markus thing was very touching. And definitely it was a sad moment.

Krystal :p

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