Centenary Edition: Father Christmas Letters


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Aug 21, 2010
I'm not very happy with the design of the edition I have (1995) -- I'll probably replace it with this one.

My parents had an elderly edition when I was a kid and I did not treasure it :( I should find it next time I'm round and see just how bad I left it...
What don't you like about the 1995 editions, Extollager?
I should have typed 1999 — that’s what I have. Douglas Anderson puts it thus, in his entry on Baillie Tolkien for the J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia: “In 1999, Letters from Father Christmas was reworked in the style of an art book, with a larger format, and the opportunity was taken to expand the coverage by including previously unpublished letters and pictures. Unfortunately, as designed by the publisher, the placement of text and pictures is busy and overly crowded, with the text often distractingly printed on top of illustrations, and with a large number of designs repeated so as to fill up any leftover space on a page. [new paragraph] In 2004, the book was again redesigned and reformatted. This edition, containing all of the letters and illustrations, is vastly more reader-friendly, achieving a desirable balance of text and illustration.”
Ah, I did wonder - I have the 1995 edition, which doesn't seem to have those problems.


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