Babylon 5 and Jereimah


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Jun 26, 2001
I was watching Season 3 of Babylon 5 last night, I got to episode 19: grey 17 is missing, and come across an interesting find which may have given J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI his character names for Jeremiah.

When Garibaldi enters Grey 17 he meets a strange group of people who talk about a place called the end of the world, the leader of this group is called Jeremiah and he has a Friend called Ezekial. May be just a strange coincidence but I doubt it as STRACZYNSKI made Babylon 5 as well.
Yeah, I have read about this before. I suppose maybe he already have the story of Jeremiah trying to get form in his head or is a very strange coincidence as you say. But it would be a really big coincidence. :lol:


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