Atlantis canned?

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Jul 5, 2003
now i have u r attension, atlantis isn't canned a sfar as i know but i have heard that it is the history of the gate and will take place mostly here on earth. The point is to find the lost city of atlantis which is an extremly high technology base. Will we ever find it
if you're going to provide plot spoilers, could you please include "spoiler" in an accurate thread title.

Some people don't want to know!
That's not much of a spoiler. It's pretty thin, and doesn't spoil much more than the shows title.

Anyway, this show is such a huge enigma. It doesn't seem like it's about anything really, and since we don't have any info on it, it doesn't seem like there is any way to make it not suck. I hope they can make it good, but I am not counting on it. Most likely, my SG-1 DVDs will be the only legacy when the show ends.
Pessimist. The search for Atlantis? Told properly (ie. over enough episodes to tell a story rather than just a 90-minute movie)? Stargate Mythos? (let's not forget that this means lots of 'I was in SG1, you know' cameos) Okay, it's a spin-off, but so was CSI: Miami, and that worked.

I like the idea (though I concede it will be hard to avoid substantial amounts of cliche).

I definitely will check it out. So I'm looking forward to see it. ;)

Krystal :p
Originally posted by Krystal
I definitely will check it out. So I'm looking forward to see it. ;)

Krystal :p

Me too.
As well as every other Stargate SG-1 fan probably ...
whoever voted no in the pole must have a terminal illness of some kind, kinda make you wonder how they find the keys.
Although I've not yet voted, I'm curious why you're so vindictive against those who vote "not"?
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