Sky One bumps Jeremiah... again.


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Jan 5, 2001
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A quick check of my TV guide today, and I noticed that Sky One have messed around with the scheduled time of 'Jeremiah' again. Only now it is on at 1.00 am in the morning. Lucky that I did check.

They changed the time every week over the Christmas period. I realise they think all sci-fi fans are insomniacs, but this proves that they are only using 'Jeremiah' as a filler for their schedules. I thought that it was more popular than that, they advertise it frequently.

It also doesn't look good for the future, will they continued to show the second season? I'm still not happy about 'Odyssey 5' but at least Sky showed them all, even if the last few were also in the middle of the night.
Sorry to hear that, I hope you get the opportunity to see Season 2. It looks like is going to be good also.

I hate when channels move the programs all the time, Fox tends to do that some times for special programming and is frustrating. :(

Krystal :p
Was it on Sky One this Monday - Tuesday morning I was ****ed off with myself cos I forgot to tape it, and when I look in the tv mag it didn't say it was on. Doesn't look like its on next Monday either - something called Nightman instead

If they are going to just stop showing it OK - nothing we can do, but there are only about 3 eps to go to the end of the season. I have kind of been losing interest a bit but would like to see the season out.

Anyone know anything ????
Originally posted by Brit Chick

If they are going to just stop showing it OK - nothing we can do, but there are only about 3 eps to go to the end of the season. I have kind of been losing interest a bit but would like to see the season out.

And for what you tell, the three eps are the best of the Season 1. It would be a shame to lost the more important episodes of the Season. So I hope you get the opportunity to see it. Believe me, this three episodes are the best specially because are filled with story arcs wrappings.

Krystal :p
we get the last two eps of the series back to back so I am going to just start recording manually in about half an hour on long play, and then pray that the cable company don't do that thing where they re-set the channels in the night and boot everything back to the info zone channel !!!!

Ya never know - may get to see these two eps at least and get some kind of resolution to the series!!!
I'm going to set videoplus again, and cross my fingers.

Krystal thinks that these were the two episodes not to be missed so I really hope that I do get them.
Do you have the opportunity to see A Means to an End. I read in one of the email list that Sky one is repeating Jeremiah in the original timeslot, don't know is that true but maybe is they repeated again entirely you could check to see the episode. So if you miss it, I hope they give it again and you two could see it. Is really a great episode.

Krystal :p
For the UK fans- Season 1

Well, I don't know if you already know it but Channel 5 is going to show Jeremiah Season 1 again. I read in other forum that they have the rights to it not yet for Season 2 but hopefully that is good news and you can later have Season 2. Also is you miss some of the episodes that is the change to get it.

Also, in Stargate Season 5 dvd are an early view of MGM's Jeremiah DVD. So check it out. I already order the Stargate seasons so now I'm more ansious to get Season 5. :rolly2:

Krystal :p
Is I read more I let you know, I think I read in other forums that Sky One is not going to show Season 2. But I'm not sure.
I imagine is they're not going to show it probably this Channel 5 later could get the Season 2 rights too. I imagine after they show Season 1.

I'll let you know is I read anything new.

Krystal :D
UK fans Jeremiah Season 2 Right's to Sky1

Check this article about Sky1 rights to Season 2 of Jeremiah. I suppose that confirm they will show it. But it doesn't mention date. But I suppose is news, better late than never.


Krystal :p
Thanks for that.

I'd like someone who works for Sky to explain how they work out their schedules though. They say they have no plans at present to screen 'Star Trek: Enterprise'. They obviously will because it has been one of their highest rated shows, and you would have thought that they could at least give some idea of when, even if they just said "Spring".

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