We must stop the destruction of Jeremiah

I can't believe it when I hear about it, where the cut down thing I think is stopable as JMS have said it could be to avoid the low season of tv that comes in November-December. And already Showtime have put the info of the episodes coming in 2004.

But definitely we have to make it clear that we want to continue seeing Jeremiah not only the rest of the episodes.

The worst part is that we have to wait to see Season 2 for a long time and when we finally get it, they cut it to show the rest in 2004. That definitely is not way to treat your viewers. But I think that sadly this is a trend that we're seeing more and is not only Showtime. Is a trend must tv channels are using, and I have to say this really is annoying. Specially after wait so long to see something. Ok, no more rant. :rolleyes:

Krystal :p
Maybe if the fans of jeremiah tell the network we will drop their channel maybe that would get the message across.

Something good airs by JMS and they take it off. I want to know what happens??.

At least with B5 and Crusade we know how it ends even if it is by books.

But they will put some really stupid reality
show on tv (now don't get me wrong some are ok just getting to be too much ,too soon.)


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