Jeremiah DVD's or Vids?


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Mar 24, 2003
hey does anyone know if it's at all possible to get box sets of the jeremiah season 1 in region 2 format, Or if it's ever gonna be possible?
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Jeremiah's IMDB Entry ( ) doesn't seem to have any listing for DVDs or Vids as yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if one appeared sometime in the nearish future. I think it is produced by MGM, and in the States' is shown on Showtime, as SG1 was for the first five years of its existence, and we got that on DVD.

So, er, keep your fingers crossed!
And perhaps keep an eye on this page:
It keeps info on new and to-come R2 releases on DVD.
thanks tabitah, I'll keep checking that site, hopefully there will be some jeremiah releases soon

thanks again
As for Jeremiah's dvds probably there will not be in the near future, some fans have asked JMS and he have say that there is no plan in the near future. You could check the following url for info on Jeremiah and the questions about the dvd releases.

I definitely one of the fans looking forward to have Jeremiah in dvd. So hope that they change their minds soon.

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Jeremiah's Season 1 DVD News

Well, it looks like we could have Jeremiah Season 1 in DVD by January 20, 2004. Le'ts cross fingers so it is true.

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Jeremiah DVD Preview

Check out Stargate Season 5 DVD to see a preview of Jeremiah's DVD. :D

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