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Jun 26, 2001
Jeremiah is one of the more entraining Sci-Fi shows I have seen in a long time, I would rate it alongside Stargate. I find their is a perfect combination of Humour and action, along with some well placed "stronger" language. However I find the fan base does not seem to be that big, There are not as many fan sites as I would have expected, and these message boards are almost dead.

It is brilliant news that there will be a season 2 but I hear it will only be 15 episodes , is the reduction in episodes for the 2nd season a bad sign for the future of the series?.

What are the viewing figures like, I would hate to see this go the same was a Farscape (ending on a Cliff Hanger). Rosewell had a premature end to which I was unhappy about, but at least they finished it with a closing story line.

In an Ideal world Jeremiah would do a complete run and maybe last 5 Seasons before ending on a closing story line in which no questions which remain unanswered, I hope this does happen, but I fear it wont.
Spare a thought for us in the UK then, these series get cancelled before we have even seen a single episode. Whether we might like them or not!

The satellite Broadcaster Sky plans to show Jeremiah here this Autumn.

On the plus side, it does mean that for us the X-Files hasn't ended, and we still have a complete season of Stargate SG-1 yet to view.
Hi adamsh, I think part of the fan base not been so big is because Jeremiah is broadcast only on Showtime and not many people have it. As a difference from Stargate that at first it was on Showtime but probably gets more viewers thanx to the movie Stargate.

Hopefully, now that it will be broadcast in other parts like Canada, UK, France for example it could gain more fan base. Crossing fingers for that. :D Also is later is syndicated that will help also. Let's hope that happen, because I'm too think Jeremiah is great and one of the best right now.

As for the 15 episodes, I hope is the beginning for more after that and not the end. Well, anyway is better than no season 2. But I'm definitely hoping that after that, we could have more. ;)

Be prepared for a roller coster Dave, specially in the story arc episodes. Looking forward to hear what you think of it. And adamsh, love to hear your opinion too in the episodes, so check the episodes threads and let us know. :D

Krystal :rain:

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