Markus and Jeremiah Tv Alert!


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Dec 30, 2000
Next week [color=dark-blue]Markus[/color](Peter Stebbings) will be a guest star in Stargate SG1, Friday in Scifi. And we can see also Jeremiah(Luke Perry) wednesday in Robin Cook's "Invasion" also in Scifi. So don't miss it. ;)

Krystal :laugh2:
Saw the promo for that.

Spouse was watching and said "Hey that's Marcus! Cool."


Can't wait to see it.

I'm guessing you can imaging my reaction when I see him in the next week promo. Something like this :rolly2: , as for the movie Invasion I always want to see it before and never could, so now is my opportunity. I love Robin Cook's books and was looking forward to see this movie. So I hope this time I can. :D

Krystal :p
Hadn't thought much about seeing it. Maybe I'll stick a tape in the VCR and check it out. :)
I check it out also because I really don't know is I would like it. I hope so, at least I always have love the books of Robin Cook and is based on one. :D

Krystal :p
Wow! the mini series Invasion was great, show me why I love Robin Cook's books. ;) It got me hooked the two days. Poor Luke, first changing and at the end disintegrating. They didn't treat him well in this movie, being in love and don't get well at the end as the rest. :(

Tonight! is Peter in SG1 :rolly2:

Krystal :p
Oh yeah. Doing the countdown.

I'm beginning to think you and I are the only ones who post here anymore. :)
Yeah, I'm beginning to notice that too. :(
I can't believe Jeremiah don't have fans or at least fans that want to discuss the series. Oh well, I'm sure if it ever get syndicated more people will post here.

As for Peter as Malek in SG1 "LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

My favorite part was when Teal'c was asfixiating him and Carter tells Jack to stop it, and he say something without much conviction. The look that Carter give to Jack was priceless. And then Jack say something again and Teal'c left him.

The best part of all is He's in the next week episode too! :rolly2:

In other forum they hope that this wasn't a bad omen for Jeremiah's second season. I really love to see Peter as Malek in more episodes but truly hope this don't mean there is not going to be a second season for Jeremiah. I love this show, and want to know what happens next. :eek: I hope it just means that the sets of each series are near each other.;)

Krystal :p
Well he was excellent as a Tok'ra.

I wouldn't mind seeing him in that role more often. Does show he can do different things. The character was nothing like Markus.

Maybe some of those lurkers will work up the courage to join us. We don't bite and we've had all our shots. :)
Yeah, he was great. It was strange that he always talk like the symbiote and never like the host. :eek: Definitely was totally different from Markus.

Yeah, lurkers come and put your grain of salt. :lol:

They're going to show Jeremiah in September in Canada, so maybe soon any canadians in ascifi could joins us and discuss the series. ;)

Krystal :p
Peter Stebbings "Markus" in Mutant X

Peter Stebbings is a guest star in this week Mutant X episode. So don't miss him. For me is a thrill because I love Mutant X too and seeing him there is going to be awesome. I can't wait. :rolly2:

Krystal :p

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