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Jan 9, 2001
i dunno how many of you have the guide book, but in there they talk about how much film there was left over from Urgo coz Dom Deluise (peter's dad)) was just too funny!!

at the end, he said there was some foul mouthed european version or something. does anyone have any bloopers etc from that or any ep?
My sister said something about that they have approximately 3000 km extra film of that epi. I don't know if it's true but I would love to see some bloopers. I'm guessing they're hilarious!! :rolly2:

Falcon Horus ;)
I really really REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna see those bloopers.
Anyone help me?!
I would LOVe to see those bloopers too! He was soooo funny as it is, I can only imagine what he must have ad libbed.
please anyone please please!! i would give anything to see them!!! pleasE!!!!!
Isn't there something on the Region 2 DVD in the commentary about the "bloopers" and extra footage. I have a feeling they are planning an extra's DVD which will include alot of content from the "Urgo" cuts as well as other episodes.

Can't remember where I heard it though - on one of the latest commentary DVD's I think.
Hi! There is an already existing thread called 'Bloopers'. Please check it out. I'm closing this thread now...:D
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