Nemesis, Urgo and The Enemy Within


queer as folk
Sep 5, 2000
Great episodes, no promos at the end of them :(
I laughed through urgo again, i love this episode. The enemy within, well i hadn't watched this for a while so it was good to see it again, a damn good week for sg-1!
How come you saw Nemesis and Urgo again? The Enemy Within was on Channel 7/Prime last night. Yeah, it was good to see it again but we had unexpected visitors who dropped in at 8.25 pm. So, I missed most of it. And, we didn't get any promos for next week so who knows what's on?
hehe, you beat me to it JAD (the main reason was is that i wasn't sure what eps wveryone was watching)

Yup, how did you watch Urgo and TeW?

Anyway, Urgo rocked (most of my school friends argeed too "pretty funny")

Yup, no promos dammit!
i get seven central via sattelite because i don't get a very good southern cross reception sometimes, and my friend has a set up that she can watch GWN via her computer, and sattelite or something i don't understand how it works, so i watch it at 11:30 (8:30 WA Time) with her, or she records it for me.
wow, that would rock!

so let me get this straight... your friend is getting WA TV in Tas? Can she get SA tv?

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no she can't. she only gets Seven Central, Imparja, 5*ABC, 5*SBS, GWN and WIN WA. they are the only FTA channels on optus B3 sattelite
i can't beleive that imparja have the nerve to even broadcast. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!
Imparja national news is A JOKE!!!
did imparja ever show stargate?
yeah, aboriginals seem to get offended easily, when you don't mean to in the first place.
hehe, yeah we better get back on topic....

what was the topic again?
ummmm, the topic was about episodes that aired about 3 or 4 weeks ago :)
hehe, oh well... Urgo is one of my favourite episodes i love the part where he imitates Teal'C "Parasite, like Goa'ULD" hehe, funny!
yeah i liked that part as well, but my favourite part is when sg1 and urgo are in the dressing room and daniel and sam are rethinking about getting urgo removed, and jack calls urgo hugo! i liked that :)
ahh, i think that urgo is definately the funniest episode yet :) i laugh just thinking about it!!
a quote that brings a smile to my face is the "i thought you were on the phone" in Matter of Time,
jack to hammond, remember it?
yeah, it's just the way Jack screws up his face when he says it... it's cool!

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